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40 years of broad based, innovative and progressive investigative, administrative, covert & forensic experience at all levels. Demonstrated leader in developing leading-edge techniques, use of forensics, personal and business security strategies and internal investigations. Customized training available.

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Dedicated to outstanding service, integrity, comprehensive & open mined investigations. All levels of investigation - simple fact finding to multifaceted and complex concerns. Specialist in administrative, criminal, civil, organized crime, transportation, forensic and in-depth review of cases to identify facts.

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Detailed response to Criminal, Public Integrity, Civil and Administrative cases for Individuals, Corporate, Legal, Insurance and Government clients. Consulting, Courier Services, Property Recovery, Missing Persons, Wrongfully Accused, Forensic Processing & Analysis, Case Review & Preparation. private investigator private investigation hire a private investigator

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Ed Matis, owner of G-Bear II has noteworthy expertise in high level public integrity, administrative, criminal, organized crime and transportation investigations. 

Ed has numerous years of experience conducting major investigations identifying cargo thieves and vulnerabilities within the Supply Chain, other transportation related modes, and internal integrity. He will develop a unique plan for your business, to add to your business’s security and efficiency, giving the greatest return on investment.

G-Bear, llc Highlights

Evaluating client operations by conducting risk assessments utilizing Characteristic Based Intelligence to identify vulnerabilities. Providing

solutions and a proposed plan with recommendations for implementing better practices while utilizing the latest advanced technologies in the industry, minimizing the clients risk of being victimized by criminal activity.

*Assessments        *Education

*Pre-planning        *Reporting/Recovery

*Technology           *Re-assessment


Experience working in highly specialized units with the Dallas Police Department and in executive positions with the City of Dallas and other Texas municipal organizations. Accomplishments include the successful implementation of numerous investigative, operational, technological, forensic, administrative and community programs recognized by internal and external organizations. TCOLE instructor with experience reviewing/drafting policies, risk management, continuous improvement and Six Sigma.


Confidential and Discreet Investigative Services for All Needs - Investigations, Security Consultant, Courier Company

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  • Our goal is to provide effective, efficient and extraordinary service at a reasonable cost.  
  • Litigation support, fraud, covert ops, unsolved homicide, cold cases and sensitive corporate issues.
  • Specialist in internal administrative investigations, post grand jury criminal cases, civil matters, missing persons, victim assistance, wrongfully accused cases and law enforcement operations.

Texas Investigative Group

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Available by appointment.

Business License #C04156601 * Investigator License #6624901 

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The Texas Investigative Group, License #C04156601, is licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Crimes Service. Complaints against this company/licensee, may be directed to:

Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Crimes Service. 

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